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Benchmarked Quality

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At Shiva Alloy Rolls believe in long and mutually profitable connections thereby taking care of all the control procedures ranging from Roll quality through chemical analysis, hardness testing, ultrasonic testing and dimension control. Our company is equipped with all the necessary tools and instruments that are used to control quality of each and every product coming out of our manufacturing facilities.


Manufacturing Process

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Metal Rolls manufacturing process starts with incoming materials (Metal scrap, Pig iron, alloys) chemical test for conformity with the standards of the factory. The approved incoming material is then sent to the Melting shop, where furnace feed is prepared according to required Metal Rolls. Then the material is melted in the Induction Furnaces. Molten metal is then poured into small samples for each and every heat and chemical analysis is done through automatic emission spectrometer. If the chemical composition is accurate as required, molten metal is tapped from the induction furnaces to the molds for static/centrifugal casting(whichever required). The casting method is determined by the use of the Roll and alloy percentage present in the metal. Heat treatment of Metal Rolls is carried out for the required materials to relieve internal stresses and a fine microstructure is obtained with improved mechanical properties. The treatment conditions are subject to Roll material and size. After the heat treatment, Metal Rolls are examined from every lot in order to maintain quality of Shiva Rolls. The samples undergo microstructure analysis, hardness and mechanical tests. The next process is machining, the Metal Rolls are passed on to the machine shop to obtain the desired dimensions. Ultrasonic tests also takes place during machining to check for any physical defects like cracks and control the internal stresses. After the Metal Rolls are machined, a final inspection is done and passed on to the packing section.

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