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Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Rolls (Nodular Iron Rolls)

These static cast Rolls are structurally characterized by nodular graphite. High Tensile strength and deep hardness penetration are few properties that nodular graphite gives these Metal Rolls.


Adamite Rolls (Alloy Steel Base)

Adamite Steel Rolls are mainly composed of fine pearlitic matrix with some cementite in the structure. The structure consists of well broken up and dispersed carbides in a pearlitic matrix complementing the hardness and wear resistance imparted by highly alloyed matrix.


Double Poured Indefinite Chill Cast Iron Rolls (DPIC)

These Metal Rolls have hard alloy iron on the working layer and the core is either made of soft grey iron or nodular iron as application demands. The matrix generally is bainitic with equal distribution of carbides and graphite on the shell.


Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron Rolls (ICCI)

These are Chill Rolls with various alloys and are cast iron based. The matrix structure is pearlitic or bainitic depending on the alloys and its percentage. High alloy content gives uniform carbide distribution and fine deposits of graphite on the microstructure.


Alloy cast steel Rolls

These Metal Rolls have less carbon content but variety of alloy elements are used to strengthen the matrix. The microstructure is primarily pearlitic with parts of cementite. Their properties include high tensile strength and toughness.


Rolls for Rubber, Paper & Food Industry

The main properties required for these Rolls is high thermal conductivity, high tensile strength and wear resistance.


Forged Rolls

Forged Rolls are manufactured to an optimum hardness to resist wear and prevent marking. According to the metallurgical and dimensional specifications provided by the customers the forged steel Rolls are manufactured by choosing the right steel ingot.