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Adamite Rolls

(Alloy Steel Base)

Adamite Steel Rolls are mainly composed of fine pearlitic matrix with some cementite in the structure. The structure consists of well broken up and dispersed carbides in a pearlitic matrix complementing the hardness and wear resistance imparted by highly alloyed matrix.


They typically have great strength, good thermal properties and high wear resistance. Unlike other Metal Rolls, these have uniform hardness from the surface to the depth which makes them very special. Hardness of these Rolls is maximum amongst the steel based Rolls. These Rolls are statically cast and go through multi stage heat treatment process (Annealing) followed by Tempering phases in order to develop the combination of hardness, toughness and wear resistance required for heavy duty wear applications.


Product Applications :

  • Section finishing, wire rod intermediate rolling.

  • Roughing stands of strip mills.

  • Medium and small blooming rolling.

  • Wire rod and bar steel roughing.

Size Limitation :

  • Maximum : 600 mm diameter

  • Minimum  : 150 mm diameter

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