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Product Applications

Product Applications

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We are capable of producing rolls weighing up to 6 MT with diameters ranging from 150 mm to 600 mm for a wide range of applications. Some of these are :

  • Ferrous Rolling

  • Non-Ferrous Rolling

  • ​Paper Calendaring

  • Rubber Mixing & Calendaring

  • Seamless Tube Rolling

  • Solvent Extraction through Cracking & Flaking

  • Compound Mixing in Soap, Chocolate, Paint Industries etc.

  • Stem Flattening Machines for Tobacco Industries etc.

  • Sugar & Salt Milling

  • ​Textile Calendaring

Choose the roll for your requirement from our range of products below.

If your intended application is not listed above, make an enquiry with us today. 

Prduct List

Product List


Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Rolls 

Adamite Edit.jpg

Adamite Steel Rolls


Double Poured Indefinite Chill Cast Iron Rolls


Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron Rolls


Alloy Cast

Steel Rolls

product-mill-rolls-for-food-industry cro

Rubber, Paper

& Food Industry



Forged Rolls

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