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Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron Rolls

(I.C.C.I. Rolls)

The surface of these Rolls have Chill with various alloys and are cast iron based. The matrix structure is pearlitic or bainitic depending on the alloys and its percentage. High alloy content gives uniform carbide distribution and fine deposits of graphite on the microstructure.


Desired hardness of these Rolls can be obtained by controlling the chemical composition and using different casting method according to the application. These rolls produce excellent results in plate and section finishing.


Product Applications :

  • Sheet, plate and strip finishing rolling.

  • Section and bar intermediate and finishing rolling.

  • Wire rod intermediate and finishing rolling.

  • Can be used in cold rolling mills for sheets.

Size Limitation :

  • Maximum : 600 mm diameter

  • Minimum  : 150 mm diameter

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