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Double Poured Indefinite Chill Rolls

(D.P.I.C. Rolls)

These Metal Rolls have hard alloy iron on the working layer and the core is either made of soft grey iron or nodular iron as application demands. The matrix generally is bainitic with equal distribution of carbides and graphite on the shell.

Due to the Nodular core and highly alloyed surface these Rolls have excellent mechanical properties, strength, high wear resistance, good surface finish and resistance to shock/thermal/mechanical loads. These Rolls are produced by spin and static cast together.

dpic 2.jpg

Product Applications :

  • Wire rod finishing rolling.

  • Flat products rolling in Hot strip and Plate Mills.

  • Cold rolling of non-ferrous sheets.

Size Limitation :

  • Maximum : 600 mm diameter

  • Minimum  : 150 mm diameter

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