Our Customer Speaks

  • “ We are purchasing DPIC, ALLOY STEEL etc., for More than 10 years and found that their quality is up to our satisfaction. ” ARS Steel - K.Shrineevas Meera Reddy
  • “ Shiva Alloy rolls Product Quality is good.” Fernando
  • " Good and well designed product and Quick Delivery " Vel

About Us

Who We Are :

Shiva Chill Rolls Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Malerkotla, Punjab, was incorporated in the year 1974. Since then, the company manufactures and markets a broad range of Metal Rolls which meet the highest quality standards in the industry. It has 3 manufacturing sister concerns serving Hot Steel Rolling Mills, Flour Mills, Rubber Mixing & Calendaring, Solvent Extraction plants and Paper Industries and a corporate office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Shiva Rolls recently inaugurated a modern manufacturing unit, ISO 9001:2008 accredited, by the name
Shiva Alloy Rolls   in June 2015 to produce Metal Rolls of international benchmark standards.

Our Mission & Vision:

Shiva Rolls embodies all aspects of quality, durability and satisfaction. We have made tremendous development in the manufacturing of Rolls and have achieved many milestones in this field. Our technical team has always endeavoured to achieve the highest quality through constant research. Our products are dispatched after extensive quality checking and a thorough after sales service is our assurance. To provide best customer service and cost-efficient quality solutions is our prime motto. Innovation through constant research on products, safety and service is our vision.

What We Do :

We supply Metal Rolls to Hot Steel Rolling Mills, Flour Mills, Rubber Mixing & Calendaring, Solvent Extraction plants and Paper Mills worldwide. Shiva Rolls exports to more than 20 countries worldwide and wishes to see an increasing number with time.

Shiva Rolls are available in various qualities such as Spheroidal Graphite (Accicular & Pearlite), Adamite, Forged, Alloy Chilled Cast Iron and various Rolls as the application demands. [PRODUCTS]

Our Products

  • Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Rolls
    These static cast Rolls are structurally characterized by nodular graphite. High Tensile strength and deep hardness penetration are few properties that nodular graphite gives these Metal Rolls.

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  • Adamite Rolls
    Adamite Steel Rolls are mainly composed of fine pearlitic matrix with some cementite in the structure.

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  • DPIC
    These Metal Rolls have hard alloy iron on the working layer and the core is either made of soft grey iron or nodular iron as application demands.

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  • Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron Rolls
    These are Chill Rolls with various alloys and are cast iron based. The matrix structure is pearlitic or bainitic depending on the alloys and its percentage.

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  • Alloy Cast Steel Rolls
    These Metal Rolls have less carbon content but variety of alloy elements are used to strengthen the matrix. The microstructure is primarily pearlitic with parts of cementite.

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  • Rolls for Rubber, Paper & Food Industry
    The main properties required for these Rolls is high thermal conductivity, high tensile strength and wear resistance.

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  • Forged Rolls
    Forged Rolls are manufactured to an optimum hardness to resist wear and prevent marking.

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